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Is it time to reconsider Spurs amongst the Big 6?


The Spurs were being battered by their North London rivals at the Emirates Stadium on September 26th, 2021, as the hosts had just stamped their authority over the Lilywhites.

Emile Smith-Rowe put Arsenal ahead in the derby in the 12th minute of the game as he glided across the Tottenham's defence and placed it into the net across Hugo Lloris' right hand side.

However, Spurs came knocking at Arsenal's door, but there was nothing cohesive about Nuno Espirito Santo and his men in white and navy blue.

Jeez, the Gunners were just in dream land. Smith Rowe emerged once again as he provided an assist to Aubameyang for Arsenal's second goal as Mikel Arteta was seen charged up with a lot of adrenaline in his legs.

Nuno Espirito Santo just didn't have answers to Arteta's tactics as his men were blown away just a minute or two after the half-an-hour mark as Saka secured a third goal for the men in red and white which resulted in a few Spurs fans having second thoughts regarding their investment to watch a derby game where their side was battered.

Well, the first half just flew by just like that as we were dwelling on the brilliance of this Arsenal side that we have been missing a lot over the last few years. It's safe to say that a derby is usually not like this as there is a lot more effort, grind and character shown by the sets of players that step on that field.

The second half began in the same fashion as the Gunners stepped on the pedal and raised the bar at the Emirates Stadium as Thierry Henry and his son watched on. Arsenal set the tone which sent warning signals to Nuno that he could be in for a shock at the hands of their greatest rivals.

However, Spurs might have had a penalty 10 minutes into the second half as Ben White made contact with Harry Kane inside the penalty box which was actually debatable.

Anyways, VAR stepped in and cleared it off as there was not much to award Spurs' talisman, Harry Kane, a penalty.

Oh boy, how badly could Kane actually yearn for a penalty to fall at his feet as he has not yet got his goal-scoring account opened in the 2021-22 Premier League season?

Nevertheless, the man showed decent character as he had a few attempts at goal as he kept Ramsdale on his toes, but the former Bournemouth and Sheffield United goalkeeper was up to the task.

We're just imagining how Harry Kane must have pictured himself in a sky blue jersey this season, as he felt that he was on the verge of travelling across the country to the blue side of Manchester.

On the other hand, Aaron Ramsdale got a lot of praise from the faithful at the Emirates stadium. He's had a really tough time for a couple of seasons as he saw a few goals get past him on numerous occasions during his time at Bournemouth and Sheffield United. However, the boy has earned every ounce of the praise and glory that he currently receives.

Heung-Min Son pegged one back for Spurs as he found the back of the net from a low cross from Reguilon.

Spurs could have had a second goal on Sunday evening that would have forced Arsenal fans to bite their fingernails, but an extraordinary finger-tip save from the glory boy, Aaron Ramsdale, denied the effort from Lucas Moura.

Arsenal just had an extra step in their approach towards a derby of this calibre and they had added ammunition in their armoury as the Arsenal faithful had a dream game in their sights. The Gunners have climbed to 10th in the table with 9 points on board after 6 league games, as they have leaped over Tottenham Hotspur in the Premier League table, which will be bread and jam for the Arsenal fans.

Unfortunately, for Tottenham, things didn't go as planned. (It never has, in fact.)It was a difficult game to watch for Tottenham fans who saw their team being thrashed.But here's the question:

Can you sit there with some chips and dips and ask yourself if you can consider Spurs as a big 6 side?

We don't think. If you look at it, you can't afford to consider them as a big 6 side. It's just difficult to consider them as one.

During Mauricio Pochettino's reign at Spurs, he built a squad that made teams "fear" playing against them, home or away. We're pretty sure that Norwich will travel to North London in the month of December and take on Spurs at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium and possibly pull off a positive result.

On a normal day, you would call that a "stunning result", but as a football lover, that result wouldn't surprise you as it would if Chelsea, Manchester City and Liverpool lost against a side that are currently struggling at England's highest level of professional football.

During Jose Mourinho's time at Spurs as the head coach, Tottenham got off to a flyer to their Premier League campaign as they topped the table just before they faced Liverpool in a game which they lost. But the point made here is that Tottenham don't have the legs and quality to go all the way throughout the season and finish on a strong note.

Spurs were top of the tree and then they slipped all the way down to an eight-placed finish as they found themselves competing in this year's inaugural Europa Conference League tournament. They seemed to struggle there too as they drew their opening fixture of the season against French side Rennes. Things aren't going well there either.

This season, after Daniel Lewy secured the appointment of Nuno, Spurs got off to yet another flying start this season as they defeated Manchester City 1-0 at home and went on to win their opening three games this season.

However, their fall came in game week 4, as Crystal Palace began a series of three consecutive Premier League defeats for Nuno and his men.

This just doesn't sound like a team that you and I could say is a "Big 6 side." You know how they say it, "Good teams bounce back from adversity." Well, we've not seen that enough from this Tottenham side.

They did have the attitude and passion during Pochettino's time to bounce back and they were certainly a big 6 side, but after their defeat in the Champions League Final to Liverpool in 2019.

Lack of Characters!

There are talented players within this Tottenham side, but there is a fine line between talent and character to win games and, most importantly, win titles.

Harry Kane, Son and Hugo Lloris along with Hojbjerg, but the others need to step into the fold.

At Tottenham, there is certainly no place to hide as you will be cornered in by the media that you're not up to the races in the white and navy blue jersey. It will be extremely difficult for Daniel Levy to invest in players that have the attributes and mentality of being a winner.

Even during Jose's reign at Tottenham, he kept insisting and speaking out on the fact that his side didn't show enough courage and attitude on the pitch to win. He was being hunted down by his own fans and the media, of course, but it seemed like they didn't get the overall picture that Jose was trying to portray. Yes, it's not the right thing to do when you, as a coach, target and corner your own players.

But, when Jose Mourinho publicly criticises his players, he expects his boys to take that criticism as a motivator and improve themselves to prove him wrong and win his tough love.

It's a typical example of how your parents might be critical of you initially just to make you work harder at what you do, be a better individual, and win their trust and love. According to us, that's exactly what Mourinho looks for when he manages his side.

However, that's not the case with the modern players and there are rare cases of players who improve and do it the way Jose wants. He is a winner himself. Everywhere he's gone, he's won major honours. He's got his own point there.

Spurs have a lot to improve on and the signs are alarming!