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FPL - 4 Premiums and still a breath-taking squad

Fantasy Premier League

Hola Amigos, welcome back to our website as today, we take you through the series of Premium players you can have and yet afford to have an FPL squad that is worth every penny to rival and get your sides on top of your leagues.

In this article, we will name the four premium FPL players that you have even with their current price tag and still build and develop an FPL squad that will set you apart from the rest. Well, without further ado, let's dive in:

FPL Premiums

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo - £12.7m - Well, you may already have the guy in your FPL squad or, you may have the intention to buy him and partner him along with some of your other premiums.

    The Portuguese forward has got off up and running in the Premier League this season scoring 3 goals in 3 games so far this season. He failed to score against Aston Villa at home, although you would think that the Portuguese would score if he was on penalty duties, but Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has his own "perception" about the personnel who are supposed to be on penalties.

    Let's look at some small numbers:

    5West Ham6

    So far, Ronaldo has scored 21 FPL points in 3 Premier League games, which averages upto 7 FPL points per week. For a striker at that price point, you cannot ask for anything much can you?

    Additionally, Ronaldo doesn't hesitate to shoot on sight and with the Portuguese closing in on 800 senior career goals, he certainly knows how to strike it and find the net when he has space in front of him.

    The only slight concern with him is that he is on penalties, but not always! That is a factor which we have to consider as well.

    Ronaldo's next 5 fixtures are against Everton, Leicester, Liverpool, Spurs and Man City with Chelsea down the like a week later. The games coming up for Ronaldo are tough, but the man is always in the game until the dying seconds of the match as we saw last night in the Champions League against Villarreal.

    However, he will still keep scoring goals and keep in mind that Man Utd have a fixture swing from GW15 onwards. He is surely going to increase in price by that point.

    • If you can, keep him.
    • If you can't afford to do so, sell and bring him back again.

    Man Utd are a side that gets a fair few amount of penalties and even without those penalties, CR7 is expected to hit double digits for goals in the Premier League along with a few assists to his name.

  2. Romelu Lukaku - £11.7m - The Belgian striker has got off to a flying start to his life as a Chelsea player at his second-stint at the club.

    Take a look at a few small numbers:

    4Aston Villa13
    6Man City2

    According to the numbers that Lukaku is posting on the board, he too is set to hit the double-digit mark for Premier League goals this season.

    The key factor for the Belgian striker is whether or not he can put it past big opponents such as Manchester City and Liverpool, which would boost his confidence and help him score many more goals as the season kicks into 2nd gear.

    Lukaku has scored 27 FPL points in 5 Premier League games so far, averaging up to 5.40 FPL points per game.

    His next few fixtures from GW7 to GW11 all look mouth-watering as Chelsea take on Southampton, Brentford, Norwich, Newcastle and Burnley who all rate 2 in the FPL fixture-difficulty ratings.

  3. Salah - £12.6m - The Egyptian King has set greater standards in FPL since his arrival at Anfield and if you've been around FPL for a while, you know that he has the potential to return big on any given night.

    Little numbers again:

    5Crystal Palace12

    The Egyptian has been in prolific form so far this season as he finds the net in almost all the games he plays in.

    Salah has scored 5 goals and provided 3 assists so far this season and there are no signs that he African King of the modern generation is going to slow down anytime soon.

    He has scored 57 FPL points in 6 Premier League games as he averages upto 8.14 FPL points per game. Blockbuster numbers!

    Liverpool face Man City, Watford, Man Utd, Brighton, West Ham and Arsenal in their next 6 game weeks.

    The games are set to come thick and fast as Liverpool will be banking on their talisman to get on the score sheet.

  4. Antonio - £8.0m - At the start of the season, Michail Antonio was considered in the "budget forwards" category of forwards. However, with the form, quality and FPL returns that the Jamaican striker has shown so far, there is no doubt that he will be in and amongst the premium contenders for individual honours at the end of the season.

    You just cannot keep the Hammer out of the game at any given point of time.

    2Leicester City16
    3Crystal Palace11

    The Jamaican central striker has been prolific as he has worked on his fitness as well as his finishing abilities. He now looks like an FPL asset that cannot be ruled out of your Fantasy squads.

    Antonio has scored 47 FPL points in 5 Premier League games so far as he averages up to 9.40 FPL points per game.

    You cannot ask for more from an asset that would cost you just £8.0m FPL pounds.

    West Ham take on Brentford, Everton, Spurs, Aston Villa and Liverpool in their next 5 Premier League fixtures.

    In FPL, it's all about a player's form. Never rule it out that the Hammers striker could still find the back of the net against those sides.

  5. Rudiger - £5.7m - Yeah, once again, he might not exactly fall in the premium category of FPL players, but he just cannot be ignored from GW7 to GW11 as Chelsea's fixtures rate just 2 in the FPL fixture difficulty ratings.

    Little numbers again?

    1Crystal Palace6
    4Aston Villa6
    6Man City1

    The German defender has set great defensive standards at the start of the Premier League campaign so far this season.

    Under Frank Lampard, the German was left out of the manager's close circle, but since the arrival of Thomas Tuchel at Stamford Bridge, he has been a key figure in both boxes during the game.

    Rudiger has scored 34 FPL points so far this season in 6 Premier League games where he averages 5.66 FPL points per game.

    Those are really good numbers considering the pool of elite strikers and forward men are present in the Premier League.

    His next few fixtures from GW7 to GW11 all look mouth-watering as Chelsea take on Southampton, Brentford, Norwich, Newcastle and Burnley who all rate 2 in the FPL fixture-difficulty ratings.

    If you can't afford Lukaku, Rudiger is the man to go for as he is set to deliver guaranteed returns as his average points per game has a huge potential to rise.

Budget bosses!

  1. Raphinha - £6.5m - The Brazilian is loved at Elland Road and Marcelo Bielsa along with his support staff and the Leeds faithful will be glad that the club have managed to keep him.

    His recruitment and performances on the field has been the shining star for the Yorkshire club on many occasions.

    Raphinha is up and running in the Premier League once again at the start of the campaign.

    His skill, still and pace bring a lot to Leeds' game in the attacking front and he certainly knows how to dance around the penalty box.

    Here are his stats this season:

    1Man Utd1
    6West Ham8

    Raphinha has scored 28 FPL points in 6 Premier League games so far this season and he averages upto 4.66 FPL points per game.

    These numbers are only set to rise in time as he will be the difference in many squads. He is currently owned by 15.3% of Fantasy managers.

    Look out for the fixture swing starting from GW7 onwards for Leeds United as there are a lot of green arrows up until GW15.

    Big things and big returns are expected from this Brazilian trickster as there are FPL points available on the horizon.

  2. Sarr - £6.3m - The Watford winger is another prime example of why Hornets have managed to come up in the Premier League once again this season as their star man has been delivering over the last few seasons.

    Watford have done incredibly well to keep him at the club with many big clubs looking to get his signature over the summer. Now that speaks enough volumes of the talent and quality that his player has.

    Here are a few stats:

    1Aston Villa9

    Sarr has scored 39 FPL points in 6 Premier League games so far this season as he has averaged 6.50 FPL points per game.

    Those are really really good numbers considering (with due respect) the quality of his teammates around him. He is also on penalty duties as well at times at Vicarage Road.

  3. Tierney - £4.9m - The Scottish left-back has not got off to a good start to his time in the Premier as his career has been ravaged by multiple injuries.

    However, so far this season, he has managed to keep himself fit which is information that sounds good and positive.

    Let's look at his stats:

    3Man City2

    Tierney is a key source of attacking threat down Arsenal's left-hand side as he has a really good delivery in him as well as the desire to get into the penalty box and score goals for the Gunners.

    Nothing can be guaranteed from this Arsenal side in the past.

    However, with Mikel Arteta getting in a few reinforcements and with the added benefit of no European football this time around, we may be on the verge of seeing a much better Arsenal side in the weeks to come especially after their promising display against Spurs last weekend.

    Tierney has scored 17 FPL points in 6 Premier League games so far this season with an average of 2.83 FPL points per game.

    Of course, those numbers are not promising, but by taking the reasons mentioned above into consideration, you can invest £4.9 FPL pounds on the Arsenal left-back.

    Arsenal's fixtures from GW7 to GW11 look very promising and if Tierney is fit and if he finds his rhythm, we could expect him to deliver a lot of FPL points in the course of the next few weeks.

  4. Duffy - £4.3m - The Brighton defender came back to the club after his loan spell in Celtic and with the departure of Ben White to Arsenal, the centre-back has made a colossal return to Graham Potter's starting line-up and there is no doubt that he will continue the impressive start he has made this season in the Premier League.

    Here are a few numbers:

    6Crystal Palace2

    Shane Duffy has been an immense figure in both boxes as he regularly gets a touch on the ball when Brighton are on their back foot or even when the Seagulls are in charge.

    He is one of the primary reasons why Brighton have been successful in the earlier stages of the Premier League season so far. His fantasy numbers cannot be denied.

    He has scored 29 FPL points so far this season as he has averaged up to 4.83 FPL points per game. He has also risen in price by £0.3m since his constant return of FPL points at a cheap price point.

    Brighton's next 7 fixtures are against Arsenal, Norwich, Man City, Liverpool, Newcastle, Aston Villa and Leeds. Apart from the games against Liverpool and Man City, Shane Duffy has a huge potential to return considerable FPL points.

    He also provides an easy route for you to invest and acquire many other FPL premium assets.

  5. Doucoure - £5.6m - The Evertonian midfielder has taken his game to the next level in an Everton shirt under the management of Rafa Benitez.

    He has managed to get on the scoreboard regularly with a goal or assist to his name.

    As DCL continues to remain on the sidelines, Doucoure has a much higher potential to return FPL points at a very basic price point of just £5.6m.

    Here are the numbers:

    5Aston Villa2

    Doucoure certainly knows how to find the back of the net or even his teammates as he has scored 2 goals and 2 assists so far this season. There is no doubt that he will keep racking up impressive numbers this season.

    In FPL terms, Doucoure has already scored 39 FPL points in 6 Premier League games so far as he averages up to 6.5 FPL points per game. Those point returns have equaled Ismaila Sarr as we touched on him earlier in this article.

    Even with Dominic Calvert-Lewin on the pitch, Doucoure has still registered good numbers.

    He is yet another FPL asset that you can consider to invest in as he will certainly provide you with an opening to invest and get the additional FPL premium asset that you feel comfortable and safe with.

    Everton take on Manchester United, West Ham, Everon, Wolves and Spurs in their next 5 Premier League games.

    He certainly has the potential to keep scoring more FPL points as he gets in really good forward positions. Adding to that, the defences of the teams he is going to face over the next 5-6 weeks are not combat and solid which includes the likes of Man Utd and West Ham as we hope that serves as an additional boost in case you decide to invest in the concerned Evertonian.

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