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England vs Hungary - Reaction & England player ratings


Hungary keep the 3 Lions at bay as Gareth Southgate and his men were below par at Wembley

John Stones earned a point for England as he poached the ball into the back of the net as he levelled the score line, but his goal wasn't enough to help his side seal a comeback.

England began the game with their foot on the gas as they came close to open the scoreline with Luke Shaw, Jack Grealish and Harry Kane in the midst of a few bright chances for England.

However, it was Hungary who took the lead against the run of play as Luke Shaw was penalised for a high boot onto Loic Nego which occurred inside the penalty box.

It was at that time when Roland Sallai took responsibility and slotted it home for the Hungarians as he sent Pickford the wrong way.

That goal resulted in England accelerating towards the opponents in search of an equaliser and that goal came just before half time as Man City's John Stones poked the ball home for the Three Lions as Declan Rice helped it on it's way.

The second half began and it was England who dominated proceedings, but they failed to apply the finishing touch to all the opportunities created through their creative play.

England had a few opportunities to seal the game, but John Stone's header and Raheem Sterling's effort of goal were just wide of the target.

Hungary could've taken home all 3 points when Bukayo Saka lost the ball just outside the penalty box, but Filip Holender got his shot off the wrong way as his effort of goal was a few miles away from the top right corner of the goal.

This statement draw at Wembley means that England will have to wait for another month to confirm their places in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar with Poland lurking in behind like a fox.

England player ratings

  1. Jordan Pickford: 6.5 - Given the fact that Hungary had very little to throw at him, he was fairly at ease in goal apart from one occasion where he had to pick the ball up once from his net after diving the wrong way.

    He was quite disappointed after going the wrong way for that Penalty and rightly so as he would've made England's night much more comfortable.

    Well, Penalties are always a lottery ticket and there's no issue if he didn't get a palm on that one.

  2. Luke Shaw: 6.5 - You could say that he was unlucky to give away that foul, but as a professional, it's important to be absolutely certain that you're safe before pulling out a foot that high.

    You could also say that he wasn't aware of his surroundings. After all, we're humans!

    He looked to make amends for his error and pushed forward with real drive and intent. He also linked up well with Kane and Grealish in particular.

  3. Tyrone Mings: 6 - The Aston Villa defender had a decent night at the back as he got the best of Sallai in the air.

    Helped England to keep moving by building out from the back along with Stones.

  4. John Stones: 9 - He was a step above any other English player out there. He did extremely well in both boxes.

    One proud moment if you're an England fan was that he kept growing in confidence after scoring the equaliser.

    Stones was a key figure to keep England pushing forward as well as keeping things organised at the back.

    He also deserves a lot of credit for trying. He put in the effort. In life, "Effort" is the only thing you can control. Unfortunately, his added efforts on goal were not rewarding which was why we rated him 9, but it was such a positive night for the Man City defender.

    Here are a few stats of the Man City defender:

  5. Kyle Walker: 6 - The right back had a quiet night at Wembley. He has been struggling to find his groove in the last few weeks.

    He wasn't able to make things work in the attacking half for England. He did get a lot of the ball and kept it moving swiftly as he used his pace to good effect.

  6. Phil Foden: 7 - He has been versatile for England on the attacking front for the Three Lions as he was deployed as a midfielder.

    His smart movement on and off the ball asked the Hungarian defence a lot of questions. With the ball at his feet, he dictated play well and found gaps in between the Hungary defence.

    He played his part in the equalizing goal as his wicked delivery found its way to John Stones.

  7. Declan Rice: 6.5 - As ever, the reliable defensive midfielder was the foundation from which England stood and dictated play in midfield with the likes of Mount, Sterling, Grealish and Foden getting a much free role to attack and push forward.

    His passes were square and he did not want to take the added risk of finding a slick pass in between the opposition's set-up.

    He did a bit of dirty work too by sweeping up in midfield.

    Played his part in the equalising goal as the ball ricocheted off him onto the feet of Stones.

  8. Mason Mount: 5.5 - His display on the field was more towards the defensive side of the game rather than the offensive side.

    It seemed as though the effects of his injury were haunting him as he was unable to cause any attacking threat for the Hungarians to ponder upon.

    He will need a few games to get things up and running for him.

  9. Raheem Sterling: 5 - If there was one criticism that Sterling has been taking for the last "x" number of years is his lack of finishing and consistency.

    At the Euro's, Sterling was clinical and consistent throughout the tournament.

    Months later, in a crucial game, Sterling had missed his target as he couldn't get his efforts on target. He had multiple opportunities to score goals, but the England international and Man City player couldn't not come up with the goods.

    He is excellent in making runs into the box like Jerry who the opposition (Tom) can't get a hold off.

    However, Sterling isn't as clinical as Jerry is.

  10. Jack Grealish: 6.5 - The only silver lining in England's attacking play was Jack Grealish as he looked like he was out there looking for solutions to break through the opposition's defensive line.

    He interlinked with Luke Shaw down the left-hand side of England's attacking force.

    One of his highlights was the back heel flick to release Shaw was a moment to savour.

    He won the elusive free kick which was later converted by Stones as a goal.

    Sadly and surprisingly, he was the first one to be subbed off by Southgate. We wonder how things would be if he had stayed on. England could've written their name for the World Cup in Qatar.

  11. Harry Kane: 5.5 - It was yet another disappointing night for the Spurs striker as he had a dismal day out on the park by his high standards.

    The only positive outcome of that game for Kane was that he didn't come off injured and he did lay one off the edge of the plate for Sterling.

    His attempts on goal were wayward. He had just 10 touches of the ball in the game (not a stat he would like to have with his name attached to it). The credit has to be given to the Hungarians for keeping him quiet.

    Seems like the events that took place in the summer transfer window between him and Daniel Levy are still causing chaos in his head.


  1. Bukayo Saka: 5.5 - The game called for a pair of fresh legs and Southgate brought on Bukayo Saka into the frame.

    However, the young starlet was not able to penetrate a lot through the rigid and stubborn Hungarian defence.

    He did run up and down the field to help his teammates and nearly put his own side in jeopardy as the ball was snatched away from him just outside the penalty box. Luckily he wasn't punished.

  2. Jordan Henderson: 5 - The Liverpool midfielder kept things simple in the middle of the park, but couldn't really make his way through the Hungarian set-up.

  3. Tammy Abraham: 3 - The Roma striker wasn't able to get himself into the game as he was a quiet figure in the game.

    Sadly, he was forced off with an injury which will be a slight concern for his club coach, Jose Mourinho.

  4. Ollie Watkins: 4 - He came on for Abraham late on in the game, but he couldn't make any impact. He had one effort on goal.